Christopher Parks
Software Consultant

Christopher Parks

Software Consultant

Simply said...
I design and code

About Me

I am a software developer with major focus on web and mobile application development which I've been doing since 2014.

I mostly use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
Though constantly switching between different languages, frameworks and libraries, my focus right now is Laravel, Vue. js, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap and the Ionic framework.

Tools I use

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, Python *

Frameworks and Libraries: Laravel, Ionic, Vue.js, Angular, Node.js, jQuery, WordPress, BigTree CMS, React *


Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB *

Infrastructure: AWS, Shared Hosting

UI Design: Adobe XD

Items marked * are tools I've played around and built stuff with that never made it to production for actual people to use. However, I am totally comfortable working with them.

Let's Build Something Together

Get In Touch

Whether you just want to give a shout out or looking to start a project, feel free to reach out and I'll quickly be in touch.


+1 868 359-0654